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MegaCity Media Releasing Gustav Ljungdahl's FLOOR BELOW March 31 on Blu-Ray

MegaCity Media will be releasing the phenomenal Sci-Fi Mystery film FLOOR BELOW on March 31, 2022. ABOUT THE DIRECTOR

FLOOR BELOW is directed by Swedish SFX guru and master filmmaker GUSTAV LJUNGDAHL. Ljungdahl's previous works 'ROOT OF EVIL' & 'JAWS OF THE SHARK' are special FX extravaganzas, and have been released worldwide, building up a strong cult following, and raising his reputation as not only an SFX guru, but also as a masterful filmmaker in his own right.

Ljundhal's SFX & Costume Design works include ABCs OF SUPERHEROES (Featuring Bai Ling, Uwe Boll & Lloyd Kaufman) & the Sci-Fi / Action spectacle VIOLENT STAR (Featuring horror icon Michael Berryman and starring Bianca Bradey). ABOUT THE FILM

FLOOR BELOW follows the story of Melvin (Jesper Danielsson), and his descent into an existential crisis when things at the office no longer appear to be what they seem. The world around him slowly unravels to reveal something far more sinister, leading him to question his own sanity. Could the answers he seeks be found in the floor below?

FLOOR BELOW will be releasing on Blu-Ray through MegaCity Media on March 31.



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