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MegaCity Spotlight: EXCLUSIVE Interview with Jaymes Butler 

From cult classic Ittenbach horror, to re-animating the dead in Resident Evil - We catch up with Actor / Stunt Coordinator JAYMES BUTLER, and discuss his long-lasting and highly exciting career.

“Olaf knows

whenever he needs me, give me a call and I'm there!”

-James Butler.

A frequent collaborator and a very familiar face to Olaf Ittenbach fans, Actor / Stunt Coordinator Jaymes Butler stars as Detective Phil Warren in OLAF ITTENBACH'S DARD DIVORCE. Jaymes has also starred in Olaf Ittenbach's CHAIN REACTION (2006).

Chain Reaction | Olaf Reaction | (2006)

Jaymes Butler is also known for his works in

Paul W.S. Anderson's film adaptation of RESIDENT EVIL (2002). Jaymes plays the role of scientist-turned-zombie, Clarence. Jaymes also provided stunt coordination throughout the production, coaching the likes of Milla Jovovich & Michelle Rodriguez.

Resident Evil | Paul W.S. Anderson | (2002)

Jaymes has also starred alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt in master filmmaker Oliver Stone'sSNOWDEN (2016), where he played the titular Edward Snowden's drill sergeant, along with being the military advisor on set.

Snowden | Oliver Stone | (2016)

There is so much to unpack with Jaymes Butler's career, and there are no signs of him stopping any time soon. An extremely talented actor and stunt coordinator, we are extremely excited to have the chance to find out more about him and his future! The full interview will be included in the MegaCity Media release of DARD DIVORCE. Dard Divorce will be available on Blu-Ray - UNRATED & UNCUT. Shipping in June.



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