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The Sideling Hill | Blu-ray BD-R



Adam has returned from war. Struggling with PTSD & alcoholism, his life has been turned upside down, and has cost him his marriage. Adam just wants to be left alone. His friends, Harry and Allie, take him to an abandoned turnpike tunnel that locals say is haunted. Once inside, the tunnel draws on Adam’s demons, pushing them to manifest, slowly descending him into madness.



• 2 Disk set.

EXCLUSIVE Interviews.

• Behind The Scenes documantaries

• Trailers
• Reversible cover artworks

• English
• German

• French
• Italian
• Japanese

• Arabic

Multi-Region Blu-ray BD-R

Director: Nathan Hine
A Hardgore Core Production

Cast: Tiffany Laskey, Mike Knapp, Bob Vresilovic and Damon Robinson



The Sideling Hill | Blu-ray BD-R

25٫00$ Regular Price
20٫00$Sale Price
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